Marble Countertop Myths 101

4 Marble Countertop Myths Debunked

If you’re in the beginning stages of a kitchen renovation, you’ll quickly realize that your options really are endless. As there are no limits to design, color, and overall aesthetic, there are some coveted kitchen features that most homeowners often yearn for. Marble countertops are one of those elements in a kitchen that really offer that look of polished elegance.

Some homeowners may be apprehensive about choosing to work with marble, as there are some circulating common misconceptions about the stone. Keep reading to discover why you can put these marble countertop myths to rest and finally enjoy the beauty of natural stone in your own home.

Myth #1: It’s luxurious with no practicality

It may be common to think that marble countertops are unobtainable and impractical. Turns out, marble is not just for show. Marble is practical for any and all uses in a standard kitchen. It may even be better for baking purposes, as the stone holds onto its cooler temperature, allowing you to manipulate dough and other ingredients which require a cool, hard surface.

Myth #2: It’s high maintenance

Marble countertops are just as easy to maintain and clean as other traditional countertops. As natural stone has a tendency to be more porous, once your countertops are installed, a quick seal by the manufacturer is all you need. With just one application, this will help to resist staining. A traditional scrub with dish soap and warm water will suffice for regular cleaning.

Myth #3: It’s not scratch-resistant

Marble is no more vulnerable to scratches than other countertops. Caring for a marble countertop requires the same methodology as traditional countertops to help resist scratches, such as using a cutting board. If this is a major concern, you can always ask for a honed, flat finish on your natural stone.

Myth #4: It facilitates bacterial growth

Due to its porous character, homeowners believe that these tiny holes hold onto bacteria. Marble is actually antibacterial and antimicrobial in character, making it less prone to bacterial growth than other countertop materials. As with the other surfaces in your home, an antibacterial cleaner will always do the trick in getting a thorough clean.

Marble countertops really are a thing of beauty. The good news is, now there’s nothing stopping you from incorporating natural stone into your kitchen renovation, or any home project. Arena Stone is your local natural stone wholesaler, offering a multitude of quality materials from around the globe. Contact us today!

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